Beard Oil
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Beard Oil

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Avena Beard Oil is made from carefully selected natural plant oils to help the nourishment, volume and overall appearance of all beards, moustaches and facial hair while having a subtle yet earthy aroma. The beard is the first thing most people will notice about a person and we understand the importance of this first impression. Our Beard Oil was developed over ten years ago and started life as a rejuvenating hair oil but with the ever increasing fashion of facial hair

Directions: to use, simply warm a little Beard Oil by rubbing in the palms of your hands and then massage into the beard and moustache. We recommend one application per day, which is best in the morning after a shower or facial wash when the hair is clean. You don’t need to apply a lot of the oil as a few drops massaged in well goes a long way and this bottle should last quite some time giving great value for money as well as exceptional quality.

Please note that this oil contains nut oils and is for external use only. Please consult your doctor before using products containing essential oils if you are currently suffering from any medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding.