Cannabis Incense Sticks Hexagonal Pack Stamford 20s
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Cannabis Incense Sticks Hexagonal Pack Stamford 20s

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This cannabis incense creates a heady and magical atmosphere in your home. Our incense sticks let you create the perfect mood for relaxation, entertaining and a truly stylish way of fragrancing your home. To use simply fit the incense stick into an incense burner and light the tip of the coated end with a flame. Once the tip is glowing carefully blow out the flame and enjoy the wonderful aromas of the smoke.

Each incense stick has an approximate one hour burning time and each pack contains 14 incense sticks.

Please note that this incense is made from perfumery raw materials only. This incense does not contain cannabis or any other banned/harmful materials. This incense is not addictive and does not create any harmful effects.