Chill Out Gift Set of Three Full Strength Fragrance Oils
Phoenix Luxuries Ltd.

Chill Out Gift Set of Three Full Strength Fragrance Oils

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This relaxing trio of full strength fragrance oils is perfect for creating and maintaining a soothing atmosphere in your home. So sit back and chill out while burning one of these fantastic fragrance oils: relaxing with the calming tones of a botanical garden, Sea Breeze with the soothing scent of the ocean gently drifting through your home and Soothing with fresh overtones and floral undertones.

Our fragrance oils are a blend of natural plant based oils you will know as essentials oils and synthetic compounds, which contain the strong aromas. The different fragrances can emit cleanliness, freshness and softness. They can adjust our mood and enrich our lives. They can trigger forgotten memories, emotion and capture our imagination. All our fragrance oils are suitable for Vegans; they are not tested on animals and Parabens free.

Safety- Fragrance oils are not for use on the skin, in skin products or to be taken internally, they are for non-topical fragrance use only. Keep fragrance oils away from children and pets. Wash hands after use and do not get into contact with eyes. Avoid polished surfaces and use in correct dilutions.